Beyond the Beach

Lose yourself in nature. Hop off your horse and hike awhile. Explore vineyards and fruit orchards. Take off your shoes to touch the soil with your soles.

Whet your taste for talent. Tag along with a local master – a fisherman, a ceramicist or a cyclist, a mussel-hunter or an olive-oil maker – and learn how they practice their craft.

Long after the sun sets, lie back against the earth. Go on, relax. Count the shooting stars that spark across the unobstructed dome of the night sky.

Wake up to discover nature and culture all over again, each day.

And when it’s time to turn back within, to explore the territory of the self and the senses, the Wellness Sanctuary awaits you.

The Beach

Less than 10 minutes away. 70 km long. Pure. Secluded. Pristine.

Town of Tranquility

In this old Portuguese provincial town, sincerity is the mother tongue. Harmony, the traditional dance. And the local speed of life never rushes; it knows no hurry.

Here, everyone stops and says hello on their way to the same café they visit every day. Where there’s always an open invitation to sit back, not watch the clock, and submit to the flow. Nice and slow.