Nurture Mother Nature and She Will Nurture You.

Our deep, unyielding respect for the land influences everything we do.

Our architecture is inspired by nature’s forms. Our stone, wood and cork, locally sourced. Our roofs, green. Our water, efficient.

And the light shines in, and the air flows through, just as it always has.

We believe in permaculture and support local farms because the more we love the land, the more she loves us back.

The Greenhouse

Here, connect with the roots – and the stems, and the leaves, and the blossoms – of life.

Savor a meal in our plant-powered Greenhouse Restaurant – and learn how to cook something new in a workshop with our chef. Sip homemade cider and tonics brewed from freshly-picked herbs. Visit the vegetable garden outside, and pick the ones that are ripe for the plate.

Here, a deep breath rewards your attention: organic lavender and rosemary scent the breeze, as it shuffles the leaves of fruit trees.

Submerge in the indoor pool while green, thriving plants hold vigil. Sink into stillness and silence. Drop out of time. Immerse yourself in a plant-bath. And when you wish, step over to Wellness Sanctuary for a holistic wellness treatment.

Wellness Sanctuary

Health starts with wholeness. With the fullness of breath and the release of tension. With the strength that comes from true ease and deep relaxation. When the mind slows, the body opens – and the separation between mind and body disappears.

Sanctuary will offer a range of holistic wellness treatments, workshops and classes. Our team of expert teachers is inspired by ancient wisdom traditions from around the world, and informed by the most modern science, as they guide treatments and practices as diverse as yoga, nutrition, meditation, massage, art and dance.

Whether guests join a group to feel the transformative benefits of shared experience, or come in alone for a self-care journey, the Sanctuary at Umay offers possibilities for exploration that are as broad as they are profound.