Come together to share life’s most precious moments.

Our understated elegance flows with the elegant curves of the land, and our relaxed, communal vibe is a rhythm we invite you to sway in and out of as you please.

Connect. Disconnect. Socialize. Seclude.

Become one with our soul enriching landscape, and feel as enriched as the untouched nature around you. Here at Umay, where every detail is designed to deepen your sense of family, tranquility, wisdom, and wellbeing.

And connect you to something greater.

Away from it all.
Connected to everything.

Here, where stillness is a lyrical dance. Laughter, a song, and discovery, your only agenda. 

Stop and smell the rosemary. Swim in a sea of stars. Nourish your body, soul, and family with the riches of our organic garden. Let the dancing fire, the strum of the Portuguese guitar and meaningful, connected conversation move you.

This is what it is to have nowhere to go, and everything to see. To be exactly where you should be. To be home.

Nurture Mother Nature, and she will nurture you.

Our deep, unyielding respect of this land influences everything. Our architecture is guided by Mother Nature’s curves. Our stone, wood, and cork, locally sourced. Our roofs, green. Water, efficient.

And the light shines, and air flows as our great earth originally intended.

We believe in permaculture and support local farms, and the more we love the land, the more she loves us back.

Resort Amenities:

  • Built on 20 hectares of land
  • 22 Luxury hotel rooms
  • 6 luxury XL hotel rooms
  • 21 Treehouses
  • 10 Private Villas
  • Spa / Sauna
  • Inside / Outside Gym
  • Indoor Heated 25m Lap Pool
  • Zen Garden
  • Yoga Shala
  • Infinity Pool
  • Kids Pool
  • Kids club
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Organic Garden
  • 600 sqm Greenhouse

Connect. Disconnect. Socialize. Seclude.​

Our warm, wonder-filled approach to how life can be, will feed your sense of discovery and surprise your every delight.

The Beach.

70 km. Pure. Secluded. Pristine. Other-worldly. Bliss.


Authentic Portuguese food. Fine Portuguese wine. Body-enriching. Family-Nourishing. Mouthwatering.

The Pool.

Sunshine. Stars. Infinity sunsets. Frolicking fires. Chill tunes and vibes. Go deep.

The Spa Sanctuary.

Gym. Yoga. Sauna. Meditation. Massage. Treatments. Seclusion. Serenity. Zen.

Horseback Riding.

Down the beach. Through the pines. Over the hills. Into the sunset. In collaboration with

Nature Walks.

Hiking. Trekking. Biking. Disappearing. Discovering. Wandering. Wonders.

Umay Kids.

Full-immersive joy overload. Go!

Child chaperones provided which means… parents, you’re free to roam!

Organic Garden.

Feed your senses a meditative stroll amidst earth’s plentiful bounty. Revel in rich, ripe, colorful veggies.

Connect with life, at its roots. Come. Grow in our garden.

Stay connected to everything that matters.

Be the first to know when our doors open and the flow begins.

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