Umay started with the simple question, ‘What’s really important in life?’

We believe it is about having a balanced, healthy, wholesome life to share with friends and family, while being connected to the purity of nature.

In 2017 we set out on our dream of going back to the basics, arrived in Portugal, and instantly fell in love. With the kind and humble people. The pristine nature. The Alentejo culture. The food. The wine.

We found the dream land and built a dream team of warm, like-minded talent who shared our vision. And they instantly felt what we felt. The spirit of Umay. And together, we’ve been giving that spirit life ever since.

Our Team

After having studied in Chicago and worked in Amsterdam, in 2011 Sera joined the family´s property development business in Istanbul and obtained her Master’s degree in Construction Management with further studies in Interior Architecture and Holistic Wellness. She is the heart and soul of Umay.


Sera Öztürk Yufkayürek


After more than a decade in London, Faik left his banking career in 2013 to find out what else the world has to offer. This quest took him to India, Africa, California, Peru, Brazil, Argentine, Chile and finally to Turkey, right into Sera’s arms. He is now a partner in IKAV, a fast-growing sustainable energy fund.


Falk Faik Yufkayürek


Before establishing his own practice in 2003, Vasco was chief architect of Vale de Lobo, one of Europe’s most prestigious resorts. Vasco was listed as one of the top 10 architects internationally by Homes Overseas Magazine. He has received numerous awards for his innovative designs, including Top 3 Eco Resorts by Homes Overseas and Best Luxury Villa by Bentley Awards.


Vasco Vieira


Constantin is the founder and CEO of IKAV, an investment fund that manages over 1.5bn Euro of sustainable energy assets for its institutional investors. Having studied at University in Germany together, Constantin and Faik have known each other for more than 20 years, and they are now working together at IKAV.


Constantin von Wasserschleben

Equity Sponsor

Markus is our hotel expert whom have spend his over 25 year career in hospitality searching for the right home and place, which he found in Portugal.
Markus’ career has taken him from Miami to Milan, from Maldives to Spain and Portugal, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Anguilla back to Spain and then finally again in Portugal. He has worked with Six Senses and GHM hotels and opened many hotels and now keen on doing the right thing with Umay.


Markus Laahanen

Development and Opening MD

Nuno is the founder and managing partner of Viabiliti Financial Management, a highly successful financial boutique specialized in advising clients on the suitability and availability of any kind of governmental support facilities as well as private sector funding opportunities. Nuno and his team are the people behind Umay´s successful bid to obtain very significant PT2020 support.


Nuno Almeida

Financial Advisor

Luis is the founder of GrupoLM, a leading multi-disciplinary engineering group partially owned by Sonae Sierra, which has been at the forefront of engineering innovation in Portugal, Angola and Brazil. His team has been designing solutions for all forms of real estate developments since 1983. Luís has an electrical engineering degree from IST, as well HVAC and Safety specialist certifications from OE (Portuguese Engineering Association).


Luis Malheiro


Rui has more than 32 years of engineering experience. For UMAY, he is overseeing the work of +10 engineers. He joined Sonae Sierra in 2000, where he has been responsible for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing designs of all its European Projects. Sonae Sierra owns more than 1.9 million sqm in real estate with an open market value of +7 billion Euro’s.


Rui Campos


Bruno is heading Sonae Sierras Development Services Division. He has more than 20 years of work experience, half of which within engineering functions and the other half within real estate project management. He was responsible for the development of some of Sonae Sierras most successful shopping center projects and has served Sonae Sierras international clients in numerous large-scale projects as development manager.


Bruno Pacheco

Project Management

Rui has over 20 years of project management experience, 13 years of which with Sonae Sierra within real estate developments. He has managed numerus international and domestic large scale, award winning commercial real estate projects. Rui has a degree in civil engineering from Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon.


Rui Lopes


Paulo is in charge of the project management process related to all the fixtures, furniture and equipment of UMAY. He has 10+ years of PM and architecture experience, having worked on a large variety of international projects within the retail, hospitality, education and residential real estate sectors. Paulo was the project team coordinator for the Four Seasons Resort construction is Marrakech.


Paulo Lira Abreu

Project Management (FF&E)

Ana has more than 20 years of landscaping arquitecture experience. She worked for +5years for the Grandola Municipality and +6years for Herdade da Comporta where she worked in touristic projects like the Aman Resort and Comporta Dunes Golf. She is an absolute expert in the region´s flora and holds a landscape arquitecture degree from University of Évora.


Ana Videira

Landscape Architecture

Alexandre has more than 10 years of experience in architecture. He has played a critical role in the location search for the UMAY project and has been instrumental in the dialogue with official bodies and during the licensing process. Alexandre holds a degree in Architecture from Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa.


Alexandre Ribeiro

Consultant Architect

“The maestro of the orchestra”, as her clients describe her. Juliana has been working on projects within various creative industries, across the globe, for more than 14 years. She has worked and lived in cities like São Paulo and London, and she is currently a full-time consultant living in Lisboa. Juliana applies all her experience and network to help UMAY to thrive.


Juliana Cavalcanti de Andrea


Pedro has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of architecture and engineering. He has been instrumental in the development stages of UMAY and he is currently working on specialised engineering designs for UMAY. Pedro holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Architecture.


Pedro Vieira

Consultant Architect and Engineer

Joana is Super Woman, being the mother of 2 toddler and 2 baby twins, while working on her PHD dissertation and for one of Portugal’s most respected law firms. Furthermore, Joana is an expert in touristic developments and their applicable legal frameworks. She was instrumental in the development of UMAY’s operating framework and she will be the counterpart for buyers lawyers, advising on the technicalities of UMAY’s documentation.


Joana Pinto Monteiro


Eduardo is a highly valuable member of the team, being the interface between the legal and technical world. His unique background in Architecture and Law makes him predestined to protect UMAY’s interests during the planning and construction phases. He is furthermore an expert in urbanism. Eduardo holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Lisboa and a “cum laude” degree in law from the Catholic University of Portugal.


Eduardo Gonçalves Rodrigues

Lawyer & Architect

Arthur comes from the world of New York advertising, where he directed award-winning interactive projects and consulted for global brands like Ralph Lauren, LG, and CItibank. He is currently working with Simona on a spiritual documentary film – The Essence.


Arthur Osmanov

Creative Direction / Brand Strategy

Simona has been directing and executing design projects in New York City for over a decade and a half. With a vast array of expertise in brand development, print, packaging and digital design, she has worked on a multitude of projects with diverse businesses and organizations. Her thorough research and project management skills were instrumental in the publishing two acclaimed design books: Handwritten & Design of Dissent.


Simona Barta