Your own private connection to something greater and beyond - a vacation home at Umay.

Connect to your
private state of bliss.

Three spacious bedrooms, four state-of-the-art bathrooms, an expansive living room, a multi purpose room, a vast outdoor oasis, a private heated pool, BBQ, and indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

Smooth concrete and natural wood finishes seamlessly flow into the most private breathtaking views on the land. And the curvy structure and elevated location make for the ultimate commune with family, nature, and life’s most meaningful delights.

Property Features

  • Immersed in natural surroundings.
  • Heated (65 m²) private pool.
  • Driveway with parking for up to 2 cars per villa.
  • Inside and outside fire places.
  • State of the art bathrooms and fully equipped open kitchen.
  • Outside barbecue.
  • Bespoke interriors.
  • Underfloor heating.
  • Resort centralised HVAC system, meaning no noise near your villa.

Services & Facilities

  • All hotel facilities: Spa, Sauna, Gym, Zen Garden, Yoga Platform
  • Swimming pool & garden maintenance service.
  • Maintenance & technical assistance service.
  • Internet / Satellite TV / Telephone line service.
  • Cleaning & laundry service.

Enjoy life, peace of mind, the finest amenities and deep connection in the privacy of your own Umay Villa.

Community minded culture.


Umay was created to discover new wonders and meet interesting people. Authentic Portuguese cuisine, entertainment, and activity access makes your vacation home a place to look forward to plugging into all year long. And the small select group of like-minded residents, is your special community there to greet you.

Finest resort amenities.


Take advantage of premium add-on amenities offered by the resort. Like enjoying long morning or starlit swims in our 25-meter pool. Having our chef and nutritional guide help you craft healthy programs to enrich your days. And your own personal chef, butler services, and private fitness or yoga training right in your villa.

Invest in peace of mind.

Enjoy. Rent. Repeat.

Rent out your villa to other vacationers when you’re not using it and bring in a profit beyond the sheer joy you get from being there yourself.

Your premium villa is privately owned by you, and fully marketed and operated for you by Umay. 

We’ve got your back.


Keeping you connected to your own private piece of perfection on earth without ever having to worry about villa security or maintenance of the surrounding landscape. Be assured the resort and your villa’s glorious grounds will be pampered and pristine all year round.

A lifetime connection to everything that matters.

Melides, Portugal is considered by real estate experts the place to be. So, if the idea of a vacation home here speaks to you at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to personally introduce you to all the blissful possibilities.

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