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A vacation home at Umay.

Connect to everything that matters.

Umay. Upcoming Boutique Resort. Melides, Portugal.

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Love. Connection. Beauty. Stillness.​

Life’s precious gems flow in abundance here.  From the moment you step in, senses are greeted with joy and invigoration.

Intrigue and wonder lift and ground you, a curious familiarity takes you deeper.

And no matter where you stand, you are affectionately received by warmth, inspiration, discovery, and 360° views of peace and tranquility.

Gracefully, one with all. Graciously, one with the land.

Here, shared spirit and pure joy make us family, and 70 km of unpopulated, pristine coast makes for a breathtaking front yard.

Nestled in 20 hectares of West Mediterranean flora, hills of lush pine and cork trees, and white sand and sea for as far as the eye can daze, Umay is an extraordinary treasure of life’s simple joys.

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