Restaurant Safra

In Portuguese, safra is a word for “harvest.” Safra is spoken by the grandmothers and grandfathers who have had their hands in this soil for generations.

Safra is the food brought straight from the field into the kitchen, day after day and season after season. Safra is the practice of cooking with love, and the ancient tradition of gathering together to share food.

In this spirit Restaurant Safra waits to welcome you all day, each day, to celebrate food and fellowship, whenever you want to.

Fragrance of freshly brewed coffee accompanied with bread and pastries in the great Portuguese tradition. Flavorful Mediterranean-style mezze. The morning’s catch from the sea. Always the freshest seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Sunset rituals around the fire with food, cocktails, and music – all beneath the blanket of the stars.

Come. Relax. Feast.

Greenhouse Restaurant

This plant-based kitchen celebrates freshly picked produce from our own fruit and vegetable gardens. Innovative seasonal menus place our soil’s bounty on center stage, as the main dishes, illuminating its hearty and satisfying variety and allowing its infinite flavors and textures to shine.

A full spectrum of cocktails expands Greenhouse’s adventurous palate, featuring local herbs, spices and mixers.